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Carbon Management

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Through relationships with over 7,000 renewable energy generators, we have helped offset 84,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This has enabled us to develop innovative solutions for businesses and organisations to shrink their carbon footprint, create cost savings and add value back into their business operations through sustainable energy models.

Carbon Footprinting and Accounting

What is it?
The GHG Protocol defines a carbon footprint as: ‘The total set of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) caused directly and indirectly by an individual event, organisation or product expressed as CO2e'.

The ability to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental awareness has recently become more of an expectation amongst suppliers, consumers and investors. To satisfy this it is essential that organisations can evidence they have taken action to monitor, measure, target and reduce (if possible) their carbon emissions.

How can we help?
Action Renewables can provide organisations with a full carbon foot printing and accounting package, including the following:

  • Agree the scope and boundaries of the exercise
  • Construct the carbon footprint
  • Identify hot spots/ high emission sources
  • Results, analysis and recommendations
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Carbon Management

Carbon Neutrality

What is it?
Carbon neutrality is a term used to recognise the result of actions taken by an organisation to achieve a net or zero carbon footprint, through offsetting the amount of carbon emissions emitted as a result of any activities carried out by the organisation. 

There are many benefits associated with achieving a carbon neutral status:

  • Allows organisations to meet their CSR targets
  • Achieves cost savings and increase green credentials within specific sectors
  • Allows organisations to meet current environmental strategy and awareness expectations which have become more important for suppliers, consumers and investors

How can we help?
Action Renewables can help organisations achieve their carbon neutral targets based on the PAS 2060 International Standard. There are different ways in which carbon neutrality can be achieved e.g. installing a renewable energy installation or through funding energy efficiency or renewable energy projects in developing countries. To ensure the most appropriate method, Action Renewables will carry out a full scoping study and work with organisations to complete the following:

  • Define the boundaries
  • Calculate associated emissions
  • Identify reduction strategy
  • Management of obtaining verified carbon offsets
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