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'Your ROCs and PPA in I-SEM' with Vayu Energy, at the Glenavon Hotel

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'Your ROCs and PPA in I-SEM' with Vayu Energy, at the Glenavon Hotel

Delegates gathered at the Glenavon Hotel in Cookstown to hear what advice Action Renewables and Vayu Energy experts had to offer regarding the next evolutionary step for Northern Ireland's energy market. The Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM), which goes live on the 23rd May, will spark industry wide changes and opportunities and create a new wholesale electricity market arrangement for the entire island of Ireland. Guiding owners and operators of wind, solar, anaerobic digestion and biomass technologies across the North, the energy experts highlighted the impacts such changes will have to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) – a fundamental element of renewable electricity generation.

Evolving European Energy Markets
Joining together various energy markets creates a more competitive market which benefits renewable generators and drives down energy prices. EU legislation has developed such conditions elsewhere and I-SEM is Irelands opportunity to develop a more secure and transparent energy market. “In its new integrated format, transactions can take place across borders through intra-day trading” adds Michael Doran, Director of Action Renewables. I-SEM preparations have been underway for several years and should successfully introduce an open, cohesive, European energy market to the island of Ireland – even in the wake of Brexit. The I-SEM is being grouped together with approximately twenty other countries, with cross-border trade available across three new energy markets: the day ahead, intraday and balancing markets.

For generators to get the maximum value from their PPA’s after I-SEM has gone ahead they should work closely with a supplier, this is where Vayu can assist. Vayu have in house I-SEM expertise who have been preparing for the market changes for a number of years and are committed to ‘working with generators to find a solution which best suits their needs’ added Ross McConnell, Head of Power and Renewables, Vayu Energy. Ross explained how Vayu and Action Renewables collaborative approach had developed a service which secures a PPA with local generators which not only navigates the volatile energy market on their behalf, but also provide a smooth monetisation of renewable generation.

‘We will continue to work with clients to ensure that they get the optimal revenues from their renewable generation.” Ross McConnell, Head of Power and Renewables, Vayu Energy.

The assistance of a unique joint offering from Action Renewables and Vayu Energy means that over 40% of renewable electricity generators in Northern Ireland are taking advantage of a solution which offers the best commercial value for ROCs (Renewable Obligation Certificates) available in the Northern Ireland Market. The team provides exceptional on-going customer service for renewable generators, ensuring maximum value with minimal hassle for those who are keen to achieve the best possible return on their renewable investments.

To arrange a consultation and learn more about how the joint offering from Action Renewables and Vayu Energy could help you benefit from your existing or planned renewables installations, contact or contact Action Renewables: +44 (0) 2890 727 760

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