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Electric Vehicles: The Benefits to your Business

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Electric Vehicles: The Benefits to your Business

Electric cars are here to stay. Long gone is the image of niche eco-warriors – cars like the Nissan Leaf are now mainstream, being driven by everyone from community nurses to business leaders. Tesla showed that electric vehicles can perform against any big brand executive car, and the BMW i3 is super cool. All these cars have been around for several years now, and it seems that all car manufacturers are scrambling to market their latest fully electric models.

Electric cars are good for the environment: CO2 emissions are greatly reduced, and zero if using renewable electricity; there are none of the particulate emissions associated especially with diesel, and even noise pollution is reduced.

That’s all great news, but what about the finances? A broad rule of thumb is that an electric car will save you £100 for every 1,000 miles in fuel savings. Electric cars are more expensive that their fossil-powered counterparts; however a £5,000 grant (including £500 for charging infrastructure) goes some way towards that, and tax breaks such as zero road tax, congestion exemption, and for fleets: low employer National Insurance contributions, 100% Capital Allowance and there’s no fuel duty on electricity, all help nudge us towards making the shift to electric vehicles.

The positive publicity of an electric fleet of vehicles can be a source of pride for companies making that shift. But their customers are also increasingly driving electric cars. In an age where our increasingly tech-savvy consumers are choosing holiday destinations or business meeting locations based on availability of WiFi and other facilities, it may not be long before electric vehicle charging points is on their tick list.

With the financial, environmental and reputational implications, businesses should be aware of the benefits of electric vehicles.

Sarah McLarnin

Sarah McLarnin
Marketing Executive


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