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Announcing our latest community energy project: Kilanerin-Ballyfad Community Development Association (KBCDA) Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)

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Announcing our latest community energy project: Kilanerin-Ballyfad Community Development Association (KBCDA) Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our most recent community project, with Kilanerin-Ballyfad Community Development Association (KBCDA). Our team is working with KBCDA to create an Energy Master Plan (EMP).

The aim of the project is to identify opportunities within the community for energy reduction, across residential and non-residential sectors, specifically in relation to; electricity, heating, transport, as well as looking at measures for the community’s potential to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. The EMP will act as a roadmap towards achieving these energy reduction goals.

This project is funded through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s (SEAI’s) Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) Network, which KBCDA joined in February 2018. There are over 200 of these SECs across Ireland at present.

Our involvement in the project includes:

  • Collecting data on household energy-use, in the form of a community energy survey, to understand the current usage patterns, spend and behaviours of the residential sector.
  • Carrying out a number of energy audits for community/public buildings, including; two primary schools, the parish hall, the community centre and a dairy and tillage farm.
  • Creating a Register of Opportunities (RoO), detailing the energy savings (kWh), capital costs and payback period associated with each of the energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities identified.

As part of the project, prizes are up-for-grabs for individuals within the community who complete the household energy survey – for their contribution towards the overall project goals. Amongst these prizes there are ‘sustainable hampers,’ which we created and delivered this week, and other prizes such as; Building Energy Rating (BER) assessments for residential properties (to identify how these homes can improve their energy ratings/performance), and a water-saving urn.   

Once the Energy Master Plan is complete, the community will group together the energy efficiency and renewable energy projects from the identified residential buildings, farms and community/public buildings opportunities, and apply for Government grant funding through the SEAI’s Community Grant Scheme. This will aid the community’s transition to becoming leaders in sustainability.

Bernadette Convery

Bernadette Convery
Senior Project Manager


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